.50 BMG
YouTube:Jerry MIculek-Pro Shooter

Jerry Miculek Fires a .50 BMG Inside a Car

This is what happens when you fire a .50 cal inside an enclosed space.

Every firearms enthusiast knows the importance of hearing protection. Too much time on the range without it could result in partial or total hearing loss. However, there are instances where you just do not have time to grab it.

Jerry Miculek, the world's fastest shooter talked with a police officer who once had to discharge a .357 inside a vehicle, resulting in permanent hearing damage. The incident got Jerry thinking. How much louder is a firearm in an enclosed space?

He decided to do an experiment find out for himself. Jerry builds a setup to shoot various firearms inside a vehicle and uses a meter to measure the sound. This experiment starts off with the tiny .22 long rifle and works its way up to a Barrett chambered in .50 BMG!

This was one of the more interesting and informative firearms experiments we have seen in a long time. For reference, most medical professionals say that 85 decibels can permanently damage a human's hearing. In the case of the .50 BMG, it topped out at 123.7 decibels. Keep in mind that reading was taken through the car's windshield. It may have been even louder inside.

We cannot believe how much the windshield deflected that .50 caliber round and caused it to keyhole. Who would have thought?

This experiment showed that even the tiny .22 long rifle may damage your hearing if you discharge a round from the confines of your vehicle. That handgun registered 102 decibels, which is near the same level as a rock concert.

Another thing this experiment shows is yet another flaw of firearms being portrayed in the movies. We have lost count of all the movies we have watched where people are discharging firearms in the confined space of a car with no negative repercussions to their hearing.

Thanks for the fascinating experiment Jerry and the reminder to wear hearing protection the next time we are at the range!

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