laugo arms alien

New Czech Alien Pistol From Laugo Arms is a Must-See

The new Alien pistol from Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia is a must see for the handgun guru. 

The Alien pistol by Laugo Arms disassembles into four simple pieces. It comes with a fixed barrel in the lower unit that is stationed in line with your grip. Secondly, it comes with a delayed blow back with a slide return spring.

The Alien pistol is a gas pressure pistol that slows down the slide and prevents it from slamming into the receiver. The third main piece is the slide, and is the only piece that moves on the Alien pistol.

The pistol is not a striker fire pistol, but instead a hammer fire pistol. The internal hammer is inverted so it strikes down when fired. The hammer is built into the upper unit. The upper unit or sight rail comes with fixed iron sights, but is customizable for other sights like a red dot sight as well.

The upper unit slides in from the front, clicks in, and is held in place by a cross pin.

All this and more is shown in the video below.

The Laugo Arms Alien pistol is chambered in 9mm and is set to be released in the U.S. market in 2019.

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