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Abused, Pregnant Pit Bull Cries When Rescued From The Streets

What do you do when you find a pregnant street dog? Why rescue her, of course!

In many cities throughout the world, stray dogs wander the streets. Unfortunately, many are not fixed, which only perpetuates the cycle and contributes to even more stray dogs wandering around. Some pregnant dogs even end up giving birth to their puppies on the side of the road or in an alley somewhere. Not the best conditions for new life. However, one pregnant street dog was rescued by a caring duo, who are not rescuers, rather just a couple trying to do their part.

Pregnant Stray Dog


The only thing I struggle with living here are the street dogs. ?? #dog #rescuedog #fyp #foryourpage #pitbull @princesstigerlily6969

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The sweetest post from @gatorsnuggles, the TikTok account for Jacks Anderson, will pull at the heartstrings of dog lovers everywhere. But, even if you don't consider yourself a dog lover, we dare you not to cry. Jacks and his wife were eating in Baja, Mexico when they noticed a stray doggie who clearly wanted some of their food but would not get too close. Also, the staff shooed her away.

Jacks wrote in the video that she was there when they left, clearly hungry and clearly abused. That is also when they noticed that she was pregnant. The mama dog would not approach Jacks. But the pregnant dog seemed to be cautiously optimistic about Jacks' wife. She took food from her and finally got into the car.

The pittie was so relieved to be somewhere safe she laid her head against the back seat of the car, and you can visibly see her body relax.

Giving The Mother Dog A New Home


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The mama dog was taken to the vet for a check-up. The poor thing was full of fleas but was thankfully negative for distemper, heartworms, Lyme disease, and anaplasma. Overall, she is a pretty healthy, albeit very pregnant, street dog. They named her Poppy and took her to their home, which already has seven dogs. It looks like they are well on their way to becoming an animal rescue at this rate, especially with 6-8 puppies on the way. Though I am sure they can find a local rescue to help them re-home some of those pups after they are old enough to spay and neuter.

Poppy seems thrilled and relieved to be with her new family and not stuck on the streets or in some animals shelter. Her new home will also be a safe place to have her litter of puppies and likely less stressful than a kennel in an animal shelter.


Jacks has promised to keep everyone updated on how Poppy is doing and has posted a couple of update videos. Jacks' wife is definitely Poppy's new best friend, and they are developing the cutest relationship. But Poppy has now taken to Jacks too.

Of course, they also promise to keep social media followers updated on the status of Poppy's pregnancy. I don't know about you, but I will definitely be checking back every couple of days to see if those adorable pitbull puppies have made it into the world yet! Poppy is going to be the best dog mom.

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