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Momma Dog & Daughter Abandoned Outside Grocery Store Given Loving Homes

Even though people can take pets to rescues, they often choose to abandon them, leaving them to fend for themselves. 

Abandoning pets to fend for themselves is a whole new level of animal cruelty. For example, two dogs were abandoned outside a store to fend for themselves. The momma dog and her daughter were found roaming around outside the grocery store, finding scraps to live off of until nonprofit Love Furry Friends was alerted and came in to rescue them.

Rescuing the Abandoned Dogs From the Store

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Often, social media is vital when it comes to locating pets in need of help. People reach out to pet rescues often through online outlets to alert them to dogs in need.

After being contacted, rescuers drove through the parking lot to locate the abandoned dogs, finally finding them toward the back of the building. For pups who were left to their own devices, they were incredibly friendly with the team. Thankfully, they were able to pick them up instead of animal control. The rescuers took the dogs abandoned outside the store to the vet to be evaluated.

The vet provided animal services like checking their teeth, fur, spaying the pups, and getting all of their vaccinations. They also made sure all of the parasites were removed from the pup's fur.

They named the momma dog Britney, estimating that she was around 2-3 years old, and that the younger dog must be her daughter. The vet treated the pups to a spa day to get cleaned up and ready for their forever home. Instead of going to an animal shelter, the pups stayed with one of the rescuers in a foster home, where they had access to toys, treats, cozy beds, and plenty of belly rubs! The pups were set up with a loving home, the best outcome two abandoned dogs could hope for.

What To Do Instead Of Abandoning Pets

Since pet stores don't really take back animals, there are plenty of places pups can go other than the street. Often, the humane society takes in animals that people no longer want, as do rescues. In addition, if law enforcement comes across abandoned animals, they will pick them up and take them to get the proper care. Though the police department is not really set up for taking care of animals, they will grab them up if need be, especially if they are injured or in an unsafe situation.

Abandoning animals can lead to them getting injured or need lengthy hospitalizations or medical care. It is also important to spay and neuter your pets so that shelters do not get overrun with unplanned or unwanted puppies.

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