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Man Rescues Senior Dog Nearly Hanging from Interstate Overpass

I honestly couldn't believe the headline when I saw this in my feed. This senior dog looked like he had been hung from a 'powerbox' close by the highway. There was an electrical cord around his neck. A good samaritan took him to a local shelter where he found out that a man was missing his dog, Max. They aren't certain if this was done on purpose or not. Thank goodness this man was at the right place at the right time.

Was this sweet senior dog stolen from his neighborhood? Did he wander too far and someone tried to tie him up so he'd be found or was this intentional animal abuse? It's hard to tell but looks like a case of animal cruelty in Missouri.

The man that rescued Max, told Fox 4 News that he saw what looked like a dog being hung over the side of a power box. He called 911 immediately and took him to KC Pet Project, an animal shelter in Kansas City. 

"The cord was definitely strangling him. His feet were touching the ground, but they were barely touching the ground. He was trying to whip his head left and right but could barely move it."

He went on to say the dog clearly couldn't breathe or walk after he cut him loose.

It's also wonderful that Max had a microchip as this is how he was reunited with his owner.

This all happened in the timeframe of about two hours.

This interstate overpass must have been so busy with drivers and thank goodness this man thought a dog's life was worth saving that day. The owner said the dog's neck had marks where the electrical cord had been and hopefully surveillance cameras will show what really happened.

This dog was in desperate need of help. The investigators will hopefully tell us if possible theft was an issue. This happened on interstate 70. The 16-year-old dog would not have survived if the man hadn't pulled over to save him. Man rescues senior dog!

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