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Guardian Tackle/YouTube

Potential World Record Spotted Bass Tops the Scales at 11lb 4oz

California coughs up another chunk of a spotted bass.

It was only late December of 2016 that we brought you the story of Cody Myer's potential world record spotted bass, which weighed an astonishing 10.80 pounds. Just two short months later, and we have a new fish that by all accounts will eclipse that previous milestone.

Nick Dulleck, who hails from San Jose, was in search of some bass love when he launched his boat at New Bullards Bar Reservoir on Valentine's Day of 2017. Fishing with his buddy Adam McAndrews, Dulleck landed a true beast of a spot that morning, weighing an incredible 11 pounds, 4 ounces. The fish measured 24 1/2-inches long and had a 20 3/4-inch girth.

Here are two videos Dulleck posted to his YouTube channel, showing the weighing and release of this monster fish:

Dulleck also took to Instagram to announce his pending world record:

The scale Dulleck weighed his fish on has already been certified by the IGFA. Now it's a waiting game.

Looks like we will have a new spotted bass record. Saying that, it wouldn't surprise us if California coughed up another giant before the ink dries on this record-breaking fish.

Congrats on the awesome catch, Nick!