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Pending World Record Spotted Bass Has Just Been Caught!

world record spotted bass

Looks like California has produced another world record spotted bass. 

Just a few years ago, the latest world record spotted bass fell to Tim Little at 10.48 pounds. Now, just over the weekend, FLW touring pro Cody Meyer boated a fish with the potential to take the new top spot. According to sources, his now pending world record spot weighed in at 10.80 pounds, on certified scales. Papers have been filed, and it appears to be just a matter of time before Meyer’s fish becomes official.

Just take a look at this Bullards Bar Reservoir monster. 

world record spotted bass

Now, that is a bass! As far as the story goes, Meyer shared it all on his Facebook page.

Fish like these on light line took every bit of technology I had in the boat. I was using one of my prototype Daiwa Corporation – USA Tatula rods which is a signature series coming out soon, and a Daiwa Exist reel, 6-lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon Tatsu line, a Strike King Lure Company Ocho stick bait. I spotted it suspended over 100-feet of water using Garmin Panoptix. Being able to see them out in front of us before we moved over them made it possible. In total, we totaled our best 5 went for over 40 pounds.

Meyer has more photos of this pending world record spotted bass on his Facebook page. Be sure to check those out. What makes those pictures even more special is that they were taken by the current world record holder for spotted bass, Tim Little.

Congrats, Cody! That’s one amazing fish!


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Pending World Record Spotted Bass Has Just Been Caught!