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Pope & Young Announces New Potential World Record Coues Deer

Potential world record was taken in Arizona.

The last couple years have been good for big deer records falling. But now, Pope & Young is announcing an Arizona coues deer could potentially be a new world record non-typical.

Terry Edwards' non-typical buck from December 2015 has initially scored 141 5/8. "My heart was racing and I could hear it beating loud in my ears," Edwards said in a Pope & Young press release.

While that score doesn't sound very high when talking about world-class deer, the coues deer is widely considered one of the most difficult animals to hunt on the planet. The whitetail subspecies is mostly found in Mexico, Arizona and New Mexico and lives in some especially rough terrain.

"The terrain was treacherous and thick with dense oak trees and waist-high brush," Edwards said. "Any Coues deer hunter knows that such habitat is prime big buck country."

Edwards knew this was a big coues buck, but he didn't realize the enormity of the situation immediately upon the recovery of the animal.

"I knew I had shot one of the biggest deer I had ever laid eyes on, but little did I know he would be a potential P&Y World's Record," he said. "I was just happy to fill my tag."

Edwards' buck still has to be panel-scored, but it is looking very likely the animal will not only break the record, it will blow it out of the water. The current Pope & Young world record is a 127 1/8 inch buck taken by Nathan Lacost in 2008.

To put into further perspective just how small this deer species is, the Pope & Young typical record isn't much bigger, just 130 1/8 inches.

Congratulations Terry, on one heck of an animal!