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Arizona Coues Deer Hunt Ends with a 525-Yard Shot

Spotting coues deer is tough. Getting close enough for a shot is even tougher.

These hunters are scouring the vast deserts of Arizona in search of the diminutive and elusive coues deer.

After hiking to a remote ridge top, the group is able to glass up a nice buck. The open country and available cover prevent the group from getting closer than 525 yards, but the shooter is confident he can make the shot.

Watch the video to see how he does it and just how big his buck is.

The hunt is this video is a perfect example of what it takes to be successful on a coues deer hunt. The basic procedure goes as follows:

  1. Hike to a ridge before daylight.
  2. Glass until you find a buck.
  3. Use terrain and cover to get as close as possible.
  4. Make a great shot.

That’s the way it’s supposed to go, but like any other hunt, weather conditions, animal behavior, and luck all come into play. Like their larger whitetail cousins to the north, coues deer bucks are more visible during the rut, which is going on right now.

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Arizona Coues Deer Hunt Ends with a 525-Yard Shot