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Hunting Coues Deer in Mexico with Zac Griffith

Tag along as Zac Griffith fulfills a lifelong dream of chasing the elusive coues deer in Sonora, Mexico.

Like Cameron Hanes, Zac Griffith combines rigorous cardio training and weight lifting with tons of shooting practice in an attempt to become the best hunter possible.

His high level of fitness certainly helped him scale the Sonoran mountains of Mexico on this coues deer hunt and ultimately locate and kill a giant buck.

Watch the video to see what a Sonoran coues deer hunt is like. For all you impatient souls, the shot takes place at the 6:00 minute mark.

Coues deer are a subspecies of the whitetails found all across North America. They live in arid climates of the southwest and Mexico. They are typically much smaller than their northern cousins, with a big mature buck tipping the scales at around 100 pounds.

Despite their diminutive size, these southern deer are considered the ultimate trophy by many hunters. Their small size and reclusive nature, as well as the harsh conditions in the country they inhabit, make them one of the toughest animals to spot.

Luckily for coues deer hunters, the early winter rut increases the deers’ movement and visibility.

If Zac Griffith’s hunt has got you itching to go on a coues deer hunt of your own, you’ve got some options. You can apply for tags in the southwestern U.S. or book a guided hunt in Mexico.

Either way, expect to do a lot of glassing to locate a buck and be prepared to make a precise shot since coues deer are such small targets.

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Hunting Coues Deer in Mexico with Zac Griffith