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Poodle Clipped and Dyed to Look Like a Pony

This may have been a creative challenge from a pet owner? Whatever the circumstances are the groomer did an amazing job transforming this dog into a pony.

This Poodle must have been a good sport to settle nicely during all this grooming and fussing.

I've written about Poodles that compete in grooming competitions and some say they can transform these dogs in less than two hours. Some are transformed into camels, a snail, football players, and even a panda.

This pony is one of my fave cuts though as the Poodle literally could be mistaken for a horse.

Here are a few things I bet you didn't know about Poodles:

  • They were bred to be hunting dogs
  • The Poodle cut is NOT a fashion statement! It's functional and covers their joints!
  • They have hair, not fur
  • As one of the smartest dogs, many act as therapy dogs
  • A team of Poodles once competed in the Iditarod!

Poodle grooming must be a skill set a groomer works on for many years. Each Poodle haircut has very specific rules about where the puffs of hair should be and how long they should be. In order to compete as show dogs, Poodles have to have one of three hairdos: the Continental Clip, the Modified Continental Clip, or the English Saddle.

Have you ever seen a black standard Poodle? What about French Poodles? Regardless of what type of poodle you live with you'll need a good pet groomer that can do some creative grooming!

These three unique poodle hairstyles are all that we're used to seeing.

Toy poodles are cute dogs too! Did you know there were so many different dog grooming styles and dog haircuts for this breed? We have dogs that have short hair so pet grooming isn't something I'm very familiar with as a grooming salon for dogs sounds crazy to me!

However, I love when cats look like a lion and get that lion cut. For Halloween, costume ideas may involve a trip to the grooming shop. Do you have a dog groomer? Do you live with a Poodle or mini Poodle? I'd love to see some of your grooming pics and animal costumes if you're into that.

Would you consider this pony 'dog' an extreme pet? What dog dye would fall into this category? I've seen a pink Poodle and a sliver Poodle. Just google dog grooming tips and you'll see similar ideas. Creative dog grooming is my new fave category to google. Who knew there were so many different dog hairstyles? I wonder what a puppy cut looks like for a baby Poodle?

Goldendoodle haircuts are also a lot of fun! Do you live with a Poodle or Poodle mix? As a crazy dog mom, I love anything when it comes to doggies and cute puppies.

What if your groomer did this to your dog? Please leave us a comment below!

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