Poll Says People Would Rather Hang Out with Their Dogs Than with People

A new poll reinforces what dog owners already know about their furry family members.

Link AKC, the makers of a smart pet collar, polled 2,000 dog owners to get their take on just how important dogs are to people. One of their biggest - but not surprising - discoveries was that the majority of dog owners regularly choose hanging out with their dogs over other humans.

The poll looked at the bond humans share with their pets, and six out of ten survey takers said they not only take care of their dog, but their dog takes care of them.

From helping their owner through a death in the family to offering comfort after a breakup, dogs seem to play important roles in the lives of their owners.

The poll found that 82 percent of dog owners credit their pets for significantly improving their overall well-being. Dogs encourage people to be active by going on regular walks, and their comforting presence benefits mental health. Dogs are your personal trainer, therapist, and best friend all rolled into one adorable package.

The idea that dogs are good for human health isn't new, and the belief that pets deserve to be treated like family is growing. People are choosing to pamper their pets, and that apparently means choosing them over other humans.


When you consider a dog's unconditional love and all they do for their owner, it's about time people started making them a priority.

(h/t: Fox News)

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