lynx attacks deer
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Pint-Sized Lynx Attacks and Kills Full-Grown Mule Deer

What does a Canadian lynx do when a mule deer kicks it in the face? Jump it and kill it, that's what.

A Canadian lynx can grow up to 25-pounds in weight.

An adult mule deer doe can weigh as much as 175-pounds or more. Starting to see the problem here? Well the only problem is that the muley doe let a voracious predator get the jump on it, and it's not going to let go.

Lynx and their cousins the bobcat are two of the top shelf predators of North America and once they get their teeth and claws into something, it's not likely to get away. It's just that this lynx has seemingly bitten off more than it can chew.

Well think again, because these walking teeth and claws have a hunting instinct that rivals some of North America's biggest and baddest predators, all wrapped up in a small package... of dynamite that is.

Can a lynx take down a full-size deer? Here's the video:


If you or I were to take a mule deer kick straight to the cranium, we would be in the hospital for a week, but according to the individual who posted the video, the lynx won the fight:

Canadian lynx are found in mixed boreal forests around Canada, and as far north as Alaska. Lynx will target small rodents like mice and squirrels, but their favorite food is the snowshoe hare. It's also pretty obvious that they will take on much larger game and can be successful doing so.

Since hare numbers can fluctuate every 10 years or so, it stands to reason that the lynx will do whatever is necessary to survive. Thankfully, this great video was taken and shared with the rest of us hunters.

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