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2 Sets of Mule Deer Bucks Battle It Out in Colorado

A mule deer buck rumble caught on camera is great, but two different battles at the same time is awesome!

Colorado Springs, Colorado was the recipient of one of the greatest deer battles ever when four different mule deer bucks went at it at the same time. It's not that all four were fighting each other at the same time, just that two separate battles were caught on camera in the same neighborhood and at the same time.

The "buck battle royale" was said to have occurred "on the northwest side of the city" when two separate fights went on at the same time.

At the beginning of the video, two bucks are already sparring. When the camera pans to the right, two more even bigger bucks can now be seen brawling, practically in the same yard.

The two battles go on simultaneously and almost cross paths at one point.

Other smaller bucks and multiple does can be seen running back and forth as they try to stay out of the fray. Watching this natural give and take is why we hunt deer in the first place!

In the last 10 seconds of the video, the winner of the two bigger bucks enters the first fight and absolutely stuffs one of the original participants, putting a generous cap on this great video! Could you imagine relaxing on your couch and noticing this out the window?!

When the fall comes around and the does begin to come into estrous, deer of every species will get just like this, and sometimes the fighting is much worse.

Sparring is one thing, but when it comes down to dominant bucks fighting over breeding rights, the battle can sometimes turn into a war, even leaving both participants with locked "horns" and often one of them dead.

Have you ever seen two bucks of any kind fighting in your backyard?

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