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Alaskan Trophy Moose Falls to a 30-30 Winchester

Think you can’t take a moose with an open-sighted 30-30? Think again.

John Wilson is looking to take the Super Slam, consisting of all 29 North American big game animals, with his open-sighted 30-30 Winchester. On this hunt, he’s able to cross one of the largest species off his list by taking a trophy bull moose.

Watch the video to see just how quickly the “dirty 30” puts this big bull down.

Clearly, this bull was an old warhorse. Unfortunately for him, he picked a fight with the wrong adversary on this hunt.

Hunting with a 30-30 is a lot like hunting with a traditional bow. Your shot opportunities are drastically limited by your weapon. Where a .338 Winchester Magnum could easily have dropped this bull at 500 yards, with the 30-30 he might as well have been a mile away.

The great thing about limiting your range by choosing weapons like the one shown in the video is the close encounters that you might never experience with a more modern setup. Having the patience to wait for the right opportunity to present itself can be tough. But success is a whole lot sweeter.

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Alaskan Trophy Moose Falls to a 30-30 Winchester