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Fred Eichler Gives Tips on How to Disassemble a Moose

disassemble a moose

If you can disassemble a moose, you can piece out any big game animal in North America.

Fred Eichler has done his fair share of field butchering while guiding professionally and personally killing the North American Super Slam by taking all 29 big game animals on the continent. His experience is evident when you watch him disassemble a moose.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

Wow! Not only did Eichler disassemble a moose quickly, he took a bunch of meat that most hunters would have left behind.

Knowing how to break an animal down in the field will give you the confidence to hunt farther from roads or trails, exactly where game animals go when they are pressured. Once the animal is divided into manageable pieces you can make several trips to retrieve your meat or call in a group of buddies on an "I-owe-you" meat hauling mission and take the whole animal in one load.

Either way, follow Eichler's lead and take as much meat from the animal as possible. You owe it to the animal, and a freezer full of meat makes any hunter feel good.

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Fred Eichler Gives Tips on How to Disassemble a Moose