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Pig Rescued from Hurricane Harvey Surprised Everyone with Piglets

Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network kicked off the 2017 holiday season with a big surprise.

Three months ago, the nonprofit pig rescue based in Houston, TX, was operating at full capacity to save animals in the path of Hurricane Harvey. Their facility survived the high winds and heavy rain, and quick thinking and determination brought all their pigs through the storm unharmed.

Amidst the storm's destruction, they also set out to help as many displaced and abandoned pigs as they could. One of the pigs they took in shortly after Hurricane Harvey dissipated was Piper. She was housed at the Ford Center until the experienced pig rescuers found her, but no one knew about the secret she was hiding.

Only a few days before Christmas, Piper surprised everyone by showing signs of going into labor. Her rescuers didn't quite believe it, but hours after those first signs, sweet Piper welcomed four piglets into the world.

The new family is healthy and happy, and they're being well taken care of despite their surprise arrival.

While Piper's piglets grow, Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network is continuing their mission to help as many pigs as possible. The organization pulls pigs out of abusive situations, saves them from abandonment, and educates the public about what it means to be a responsible pig owner. Piper isn't the only new mother in their care, and the organization is always looking for new adopters to take good care of their rescue pigs.


If you're interested in adopting a piglet or an adult rescue pig, reach out to Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network on Facebook.

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