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Pictures Prove a Dog-Friendly Screening of 'Isle of Dogs' Was a Big Hit

Roxie Theater in San Francisco went to the dogs last week, and everyone loved it.

In celebration of the new Wes Anderson stop-motion film, "Isle of Dogs," the California theater best known for its vintage vibe planned a special event. They opened their doors to a new kind of customer—one with four paws and fur. Their plans for a dog-friendly movie screening caught the country's attention, but not everyone was optimistic it would be a big hit.

Mashable writer Kellen Beck wrote before the event took place;

"It all seems pretty fun on the surface. After all, who wouldn't want to see a bunch of dogs when they go to a movie? But dogs aren't exactly known for being model patrons....If this is a success, maybe it will inspire more Bring Your Own Dog screenings, but more likely it'll be the first and last one that the Roxie puts on."

Beck had a point that not every dog is up for a night out at the theater. When the big day finally came, however, Roxie Theater was more than prepared to welcome their new canine clientele. The event took place on March 19, and dog owners and dog lovers from all over the city lined up outside with their furry friends in tow.

There were small dogs, and big dogs, and even dogs that dressed up for the occasion. They all walked the red carpet and posed for paparazzi before heading inside to find their seats


In the theater, dogs and their people filled the rows of fold-up auditorium seats. Dogs were allowed to have chairs all to themselves, but most chose to sit comfortably in the laps of their owners. Some of the bigger canines of the bunch sprawled out on the floor alert for dropped snacks.

Both two-leggers and four-leggers were excited for the experience. There were dogs that were too excited to sit right away and some that needed to say hello to everyone in the theater, but the show went on without a hitch. Bring Your Own Dog night was a success, and if you missed out, no need to worry. The theater is hosting another BYOD screening of "Isle of Dogs" on April 29. The best part is, all ticket proceeds will be donated to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

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