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Pics: Creative Huntress Constructs Archery Arm Guard Out of Gar Skin

Beka Garris' gar guards are bad to the bow. 

If you've ever shot a bow, you're probably familiar with the pain that often follows that pesky string making contact with tender skin. To alleviate this issue, you can wear an archery arm guard to protect flesh when shooting.

Although the market is ripe with plenty of prefabricated models, we're pretty sure these homemade gar guards are the coolest we've crossed paths with yet.

An avid outdoorswoman who calls Ohio home, Beka Garris has made a name for herself in the archery and hunting industries by bowfishing, hunting and foraging on public land.

She has a passion for targeting longnose gar with the bow, so it just made sense for her to take on a little side project, the results of which are astonishingly cool.

Here's the gar guard process from start to finish:

Talk about a sweet DIY project with some amazing results. We'd wear these in a heartbeat!

For those who might not be familiar with longnose gar, here's a bit of background info Garris shared:

If the gar guards we're cool enough, check out this quiver she also whipped up:

Garris has become a role model for young women and new hunters alike, and her passion for her craft is simply contagious.

If you're not following along on Garris' outdoor adventures through her social media channels, you should be. Her content never disappoints, so check out her website at, as well as her Instagram and Facebook pages!

Images courtesy of Beka Garris/Instagram

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