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Pics: Jim Shockey Arrows a Monster Alligator Gar in Mississippi

alligator gar

You won't believe the size of this freak alligator gar!

When it comes to flinging arrows at animals, Jim Shockey is a natural. Apparently shooting fish comes easy to him, too.

He went out for two days of fun with Hughes Skinner, owner of HS Outfitters, for a guided hunt in Mississippi for monster alligator gar.

And lucky for us, he allowed us to tag along on his very first bowfishing adventure by giving us regular updates on his Instagram account.

Shockey first fish with a bow lacked size, but it was a good introduction for what was about to come.

Jungle Cruise! Pushing our way through the impassible! Alligator gar Country!

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Next up was a big head carp.

And now for that brute of an alligator gar.

Dinosaur!!! We did it! Bow fished a giant Alligator gar down here in Mississippi!

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We'd say this is a case of beginner's luck, but luck has little to do with Shockey's ability to sling arrows.

In case you were wondering what the heck you do with a fish of that stature, here's your answer.

Congrats to Shockey for crossing bowfishing off the bucket list. Way to do it in typical "Shockey style!"

Want to grapple with a gar of your own? Check out HS Outfitters on Instagram HERE.

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Pics: Jim Shockey Arrows a Monster Alligator Gar in Mississippi