Josh Bowmar

Video: Here's the Pending Ohio Bowfishing Buffalo State Record

Holy sucker! Josh Bowmar arrows a beast of a buffalo!

Josh Bowmar placed an arrow perfectly into a brute of a buffalo, a fish that on all accounts will eclipse the current bowfishing record in the state of Ohio once it's certified.

On May 21, Bowmar made the following post to the Instagram account he shares with his wife, Sarah:

He then followed it up the next day by posting this awesome video to his YouTube channel, showing the beast being reeled in and weighed:

Brent McGlone currently holds the Ohio bowfishing record for buffalo, with a 40.8-pound Lake Erie fish he arrowed back on October 11, 2013. His fish measured 40.5 inches long and had a girth of 28.5 inches.

The largest North American sucker, the buffalo fish is commonly mistaken for carp, though they lack the whisker-like mouth appendages.

Congrats on the pending record, Josh. This is the fish of a lifetime.

We'll update this story with the official weight once it becomes available.

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