PETA's 'Shoot Selfies, Not Animals' Awareness Graphic Goes Incredibly Wrong

PETA had a Facebook profile picture filter that didn't quite go as planned. The hunting community found it, and ran with it...

PETA is a pretty well-known group among outdoor folks. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has always been big on stopping hunting and everything it embodies. And over time, the acronym has been upgraded by the hunting community to PETA (People for the  Eating of Tasty Animals).

This week, PETA released a Facebook filter that allowed you to edit your profile picture to say "Shoot selfies, not animals." The goal was to have people who supported their stance share the filter in hope of spreading the message of awareness.

Well... the campaign went south in a hurry for them. Really south. The hunting community caught on to the filter and they ran with it. Before I knew it, my newsfeed was filled with pictures and selfies of hunters and their harvested game from all around the world.

I mean, what did PETA expect? They even put a picture of a buck in the filter! Don't know they know deer are on the mind??

Below is just a handful of photos that pop up when searching PETA at the moment...enjoy.


The trend spread like wildfire yesterday, and it continues to pick up steam in what looks to be one of the ultimate troll moves of all time. In a day and age when hunters attack hunters so often, especially on social media, it was refreshing to see everyone come together as a whole and band together to make a stance.

We are all hunters, and we should never apologize for it. There is pride in the sport and as I always say, it is much more than just killing animals.

Many outdoor personalities even took part in the trolling.

An epic day for the hunting community, just too funny. You just know someone at PETA is getting an earful today. "Why on Earth did you think this was a good idea???"

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