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Local Vet Donates Oxygen Masks So Firefighters Can Rescue Pets From Smoke Inhalation

Anytime pet oxygen masks can be supplied to local officials, firefighters or first-responders your animals are a lot safer! Pets are part of our family and these oxygen masks will help animals suffering from smoke inhalation. Pets may be totally unconscious and the masks will help deliver the oxygen (forced if need be). It literally just goes on their face and helps increase their respiratory effort.

Eno Animal Hospital's Sabrina Grinstead donated more than a dozen oxygen masks designed specifically for treating animals saved from fires to the Durham Fire Department. These are valued at more than $1,600. These will protect pets who've been exposed to smoke, and b bags, to resuscitate pets that are not breathing or breathing properly.

From the Durham Fire Department Facebook page, 

"Special thanks to Eno Animal Hospital for a donation of 14 pet mask kits and 15 small ambu BVMs (bag valve masks). These donations will help save pets in the event of fire. Dr. Sabrina Grinstead, owner of the veterinary hospital, was on hand today to make the presentation to Fire chief Bob Zoldos. Special thanks also to Captain Tina Hamlin and her companion, Jethro for demonstrating how the mask works. Jethro was a stray and has been with Captain Hamlin for 5 years."

See for yourself how these work in the below video.

I hope all fire departments can invest in pet oxygen masks for their pets!

CBS 17 News tells us after interviewing the Fire Department Chief, Bob Zoldos that they are now prepared for an emergency involving our animals,

"Zoldos said the department had limited capabilities to do oxygen therapy on animals in the past. This donation provides enough equipment to have one on every unit, which he said is a really robust ability to have."

A house fire is very scary and pets have no idea how to exit the house, only that they need to! Does your local fire department have these pet oxygen masks? Family pets will be rescued by first-responders but in many cases they need oxygen! A pets life can be saved with these tools. Smoke asphyxiation is deadly and can take the lives of pets easily. Human masks can likely be used in some circumstances but they're not ideal.

Have you ever seen a pet oxygen mask being used? Please leave us a comment below! 

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