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Sacramento Firefighters Rescue Deer from Canal Using Lasso

lasso a deer

You've probably never seen someone lasso a deer before.

We see cases of deer trapping themselves in unfortunate predicaments all the time, but never quite like this.

A mule deer recently found itself trying to stay afloat in a moving canal near in Rancho Cordova, California, a suburb outside of Sacramento.

Fortunately for the deer, the local fire department was able to use some innovation to make an unbelievable rescue.

"A lot of times, the deer will jump in at some point and they'll travel several miles," said Sac Metro Fire spokesman Chris Vestal in an interview.

Not only did were these first responders get a surprising call, but they probably didn't expect to move in on such a nice mule deer.

"When we got up to the doe, she was very, very tired and came up to our direction almost asking for help," firefighter Holly Wagner said.

Thank you to all of our first responders for protecting us, as well as our planet!



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Sacramento Firefighters Rescue Deer from Canal Using Lasso