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Alligators Keep Eating Jase Robertson's Ducks

duck-eating alligator

These duck-eating alligators might've ruined a whole hunt.

Most duck hunters use a trained dog to retrieve their ducks, and Jase Robertson is no different. However, that's not really an option when there's an alligator lurking in the waters.

To make matters worse, this particular gator has a large appetite, and is ready to eat as many ducks as Robertson and his buddies shoot. As you can see, these guys are at kind of a loss as far as remedies go, so we can probably assume they called it shortly after shooting this video.

Watch the clip below:

We have a problem here, boys.

Posted by Duck Commander on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

"Well, if you could train that thing, you'd have something going," Robertson said.

I suppose he has a point, right? That alligator doesn't seem to miss any birds that fall. Now if only you could get it to refrain from eating them, you'd have yourself a "bird gator" to go along with your bird dog.

Have you ever run into an alligator when hunting out in the swamp?



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Alligators Keep Eating Jase Robertson's Ducks