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This Mini Rooster and His Human BFF Do Everything Together

Roosters are known for two things: crowing way too early in the morning and protecting their flocks with a vengeance. While I've never met a friendly rooster, they are rumored to exist. One TikTok account shows the internet just how sweet roosters can be.

To be fair, this little guy is a miniature rooster. Mini roosters are pint-sized versions of our favorite barnyard menaces, usually known as Bantam roosters. Don't let their small size fool you, though! Most of them still have the same big personalities as their full-sized counterparts. Luckily, this TikTok-famous fowl seems to defy the stereotypes set by his breed. In a video posted to the account @zaira.oreo, Zaira showcases her nephew's adorable relationship with his miniature rooster Barbarito. His mom got him the rooster as a pet and the pair quickly became best friends.

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Reply to @tttdad02 barbarito is still alive and thriving?

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Barbarito is one lucky guy! The tiny rooster gets to do absolutely everything with his human best friend, Javi. Whether they're flipping through a book, watching TV on the couch, or playing games on Javi's tablet, this pair is inseparable. The best part is how the little boy always pulls the rooster close for a snuggle. In one small misstep, Javi tried to put his empty snack bag over the rooster's head. Luckily, mom was there to step in and correct him. This is why parents should always supervise children while they play with their pets, whether it's a rooster or a four-legged friend.

The TikTok universe loves this duo so much that Javi and Barbarito now have their very own account, @barbaritojavi, which was announced with an adorable follow-up video.


Replying to @g.arcia1000 We created an account @barbaritojavi for more updates!!

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Of course, their ongoing relationship has led the internet to ask some important questions—like, where does the rooster go to the bathroom? A couple of commenters mentioned that roosters can be litter box trained, much like other animals. One of the inaugural videos on the new account addresses how they've dealt with Barbarito's droppings so far.


Javi tells Sandra his mom when barbarito poops so shes training him to clean up the poop

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Since Javi stays on top of telling his mom when Barbarito poops, she has decided he can help clean up. In the video, she shows Javi picking up poop with a paper towel and disposing of it in the trash can. Thankfully, it doesn't look like the rooster leaves too much of a mess on the couch. Next stop: litter box training! We will definitely be following these two to see how their journey progresses.

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