Pennsylvania Pastor Runs for Congress with Deceptive Anti-Gun Ad

A Pennsylvania pastor is running for Congress with a television ad that's both deceptive and anti-Second Amendment.

Cameron from Twang-n-Bang exposes a deceptive television ad by a Pennsylvania pastor running for Congress. The man makes some outlandish claims in his overly dramatic commercial, in the hope of deceiving a gullible audience.

The man in the commercial is George Scott, who suggests he's different than other politicians. The trouble is, he's no different than almost every other anti-liberty, anti-Second-Amendment politician out there, as his TV ad shows. He claims to speak with authority about guns while apparently knowing very little about them.

Or maybe he does know more about them than his commercial would suggest, but he's hoping his audience doesn't.

In fact, the gun he declares to be a "weapon of war" is nothing more than a simple rimfire .22 dressed up to appear as though it's an AR-15.

This is a powerful video from Twang-n-Bang, a YouTube and Full30 channel that looks at all things that shoot.

Cameron even reveals that the audio of Scott's commercial was enhanced or dubbed in to make the rifle sound more dramatic!

Cameron is right when he says Scott's deceptive commercial is more about integrity than it is about gun rights. If a man is willing to deceive people just to get votes, it stands to reason that he'll also deceive and lie as an elected official.

Pennsylvania voters, don't let it happen!

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