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Candidate for Missouri Senate Reassembles Rifle Blindfolded

Jason Kander, candidate for Missouri U.S. Senate, reassembles a combat rifle - blindfolded - while he talks about his candidacy. Gimmick or powerful testimonial?

Jason Kander is a candidate for the Missouri Senate race, and in his latest 30-second television ad he reassembles what looks like an AR15-style rifle, and he does so while blindfolded and talking about his candidacy.

Kander is a Democrat who is running against the incumbent Republican Senator Roy Blunt. Kander states that he is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment who supports expanded background checks.

He declares his support of the Second Amendment as he finishes reassembling the rifle, " that terrorists can't get their hands on one of these."

In the ad Kander cites his military service, during which he served in Afghanistan. He also served in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve. There's no question as to Kander's bona-fides, and the spot does make for a riveting commercial.

But does his disassembling and reassembling of a rifle make for a sound Second Amendment supporter? Chris Hayden, communications director for the Kander campaign, said, "...Jason understands that we need to expand background checks to stop criminals and suspected terrorists from having the same level of access to guns as the rest of us."

Really? Background checks arguably do little to nothing to stop criminals and gangbangers from getting "their hands on one of these" rifles.

We can't say much about Kander's other policies, or how he would best represent the people of Missouri. But as far as his being a "strong supporter of the Second Amendment," well, he's going to theatrical lengths to try and prove it.

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Candidate for Missouri Senate Reassembles Rifle Blindfolded