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Roy Blunt’s Democratic Rival Assembled an AR15 Blindfolded, Here’s His Blunt Response

Roy Blunt

Republican Senator Roy Blunt counters the ad put out by his Democratic rival Jason Kander, wherein Kander reassembles an AR15 blindfolded.

Roy Blunt, a Republican candidate for Senate, responded to the ad released by his opponent Jason Kander with a video of his own.

In Kander’s original commercial (which you can view here), the Democratic candidate reassembled an AR15-style rifle blindfolded while he talked about his fidelity to the Second Amendment and his support of expanded background checks.

Well, Senator Blunt has responded to that ad succinctly in his new 30-second commercial.

The ad effectively mocks Kander for his theatrical commercial, and, more devastatingly, aligns him directly with anti-Second Amendment Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Here goes:

In Blunt’s commercial it shows a snippet of Kander’s ad and juxtaposes it against several other videos of people reassembling rifles, many doing it more quickly and under more challenging circumstances. A narrator says that some people do the assembly “really, really fast. Some do it upside down and blindfolded.”

Then he delivers the killing blow.

“But,” he says, referring to Kander, “only one of these is a Hillary Clinton National Campaign Chairman. Only one received an ‘F’ (from the NRA) for his failure to defend the Second Amendment.”

“When it comes to the U.S. Senate,” says the narrator, “Missouri voters know what’s important.”

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Roy Blunt’s Democratic Rival Assembled an AR15 Blindfolded, Here’s His Blunt Response