Paving for Pizza is taking to the streets.

Paving for Pizza: Domino's Program to Fix Potholes

Go figure, a Michigan-based pizza chain develops a program to repair potholes!

Domino's might not have the best pizza in town, but it certainly has the best marketing team. Not long after dreaming up pizza insurance, Domino's has released Paving for Pizza - a viral campaign to repair potholes.

And no, this isn't a joke! Seriously, check out the video below:

Fill In the Gaps

The company says that the repairs were done to reduce damage to pizzas during your drive home, but it's really just genius public relations. Surprisingly, none of the repairs made to date have been in Midwest states where potholes can grow to epic proportions. There's even a spot on the website for people to nominate potholes in their own areas for Paving for Pizza repair.

So far, Domino's has fixed potholes in at least four states from Delaware to California. Once repaired, Domino's paints its logo on the asphalt and installs a Paving for Pizza sign.

We have to say that it looks pretty weird seeing a steamroller and dump truck painted in Domino's livery, but at least the roads are being repaired.

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