Yoshi, the Full-Service Station on Wheels, Reaches Chicago, Tampa, and the Twin Cities

What if you never had to stop at a gas station ever again? Thanks to Yoshi, this dream is now a reality.

Yoshi is a gas delivery business, and it is certainly changing the game for drivers all over the country.

It's latest locations? Chicago, Tampa, and the Twin Cities.

Gone are the days of standing outside in freezing temperatures at the pump—Yoshi will come straight to where your car is parked and fill your tank for you.

This startup company, which is often referred to as the "full-service gas station on wheels," started just two years ago, and its main focus is delivering gas to vehicles.

However, that's not all that it offers. According to a Yoshi spokesman, "Now with just a few taps on their phone, Yoshi customers can order gas, car-washes, details, wiper-blade replacements, tire-checks and even oil changes and have these services delivered to their vehicle where it is parked. Now the full-service gas station experience will come to you!"

To take advantage of Yoshi's numerous offerings, you can either become a member through its app, or request individual services on a one-time basis. A small delivery fee is also included.

Yoshi's app is extremely simple and user friendly. All services offered are displayed along with the prices for each. You can even track where the Yoshi employee is and when he/she will arrive.

When you sign up, you'll need to supply your car's make and model, fuel type, where you normally park and when you'd like your vehicle to be serviced.

Convenience is key in the modern world, and Yoshi is providing that in spades by bringing common car maintenance tasks right to you.

Prior to these recent expansions, Yoshi had been serving the San Francisco Bay Area, Nashville, Atlanta, Austin, and Los Angeles.


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