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Man Runs Over and Drags Dog a Mile By His Truck in Texas

This Texas man is absolutely the worst human being. The good news is Texas animal cruelty laws are nothing to mess around with and animal torture will result in jail time and fees. Texas criminal laws only apply to domesticated animals, such as house pets and livestock defined as "domesticated living creature(s) or any wild living creature previously captured" and subject to a person's care and control. Torturing an animal is a felony and punishable by a $10,000 fine and up to two years in jail. 

With that in mind, the dog's owner Zelaya-Rubio, we hope will spend the maximum time in jail.  This poor dog, Champ, was tortured by this guy. The dog was not only run over but also dragged behind the owner's car nearly a mile and by his leash. This happened in Round Rock, Texas.

KXAN News reports that the extent of the injuries were horrific and the officers did the best they could when they arrived on the scene.

"They applied pressure to the dog's wounds and used medical tools to slow the bleeding. The affidavit shows Champ also had bones protruding with large burns and lacerations throughout his body."

Zelaya-Rubio is facing felony cruelty to non-livestock animals charge.  The news story also confirms that according to the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, Champ is now receiving 24-hour care by a private veterinary clinic. The shelter team will supervise Champ until an investigation is complete. 

Let's break down the animal cruelty laws in Texas so we're all on the same page. Section 42.09 "Cruelty to Livestock Animals" and 42.092 "Cruelty of Non-Livestock Animals" of the Texas Penal Code prohibits a person from intentionally, knowingly or recklessly cruelly treating an animal. The following actions define cruel punishment:

  1. Torturing an animal
  2. Failing to provide food, care or shelter
  3. Abandoning an animal
  4. Transporting or confining an animal in a cruel manner
  5. Killing, seriously injuring or poisoning an animal
  6. Causing an animal to fight with another
  7. Using a live animal as a lure in a dog race
  8. Tripping a horse
  9. Injuring an animal belonging to another person
  10. Seriously overworking an animal.

Thank goodness Texas law protects our animals.

Please donate to this poor dog's medical needs as he is suffering from broken bones and terrible injuries to his paws. You can help this shelter (and vet clinic) by donating here. 

Where were this man's family members? Didn't they realize what was happening to this small dog? He literally tortured this dog and now the animal hospital is responsible for trying to save this dog's life. The Round Rock Police Department must have been horrified. We really hope this man serves time and is never allowed near animals again. The images of this bull terrier are so graphic and horrible it's hard to even imagine how this dog survived. His medical care is likely through the roof so if you can, please donate.

What other animal abuse cases are you aware of? Have you reported them? Please leave a comment below. 

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