10 Outdoor Trade Show Memes to Recap the Season

The show season can be fun but exhausting. Here's a spotlight on the lighter side.

We went to Louisville, then to Las Vegas. We walked mile upon mile of trade show ground, and saw some of the coolest outdoor gear before almost anyone else. And yes, we may have ridden a zip line over a promenade full of people, but that was besides the point.

We did come across a lot of relevant, noteworthy stuff while we were at ATA and SHOT Show, and passed the info along to you (which we'll continue to do as the winter closes and we move into spring). But we also spent time laughing at a lot of things, too: Some marketing techniques, some supposed "insiders" looking like they didn't have a clue, but mostly ourselves.

Yes, there was incredibly cool outdoor gear everywhere we looked. But this collection of images and clips highlighted the funny side of things, because we can't take ourselves and our industry too seriously all the time.

No one wants to deal with Buck Fever.

Happens every time.

You just shouldn't ever tell.

Ladies and gentlemen, the ScentLok Robot.

We found him!

Full-auto fun.

Kinda makes us want to hunt dinosaurs.

Tattoos at the Trade Show.

You know you have.

Life moves fast.

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what it's like to travel to outdoor trade shows. There are a lot of great things about being a part of this industry, and instead of making you feel like you've missed out, we'll always do our best to share what we feel is most important, so you find out about it before anyone else.

Keep following along, and you might just find it's worth it.