Open Carriers Who Entered a Police Station Masked and Armed Arrested on a "the Silliest of Technicalities," Says Their Lawyer

Two Dearborn, Michigan, men have been arrested. Their attorney blames a technicality.

This story goes back to February of this year. Two men, Brandon Vreeland and James Baker, walked into the Dearborn Police station to file a traffic complaint. The problem is one of them was openly carrying a rifle; the other had a camera, and they were both masked. As a result of walking into a police station armed, they were, unsurprisingly, immediately handcuffed and arrested.

Below is the video of that incident.

The next video is from the traffic stop they wished to file a complaint about.

Baker's attorney claims that it is legal to open carry a firearm into a Michigan police station. I'll just point out that just because it's legal doesn't make it smart, especially when wearing tactical gear.

Mlive reports the two were convicted on July 7th of illegally carrying a concealed weapon and can be punished with up to five years in prison. This conviction has nothing to do with the incident at the police station, but actions that occurred prior. The camera that was confiscated with the video footage able to be used as evidence. Video shows the two placing the rifle in a trunk of the vehicle without a case. In the state of Michigan that is not a lawful way to transport a firearm without a CPL... and they filmed themselves doing it.

Baker's attorney is confident that the charges will be over turned in an appeals court, stating that James was "tripped up with the silliest of technicalities."

According to Mlive, Baker and Vreeland have been known to participate in open carry marches as an attempt to educate residents about Second Amendment rights. One of these marches resulted in Baker having his CPL suspended.

Personally, I don't know what they were trying to accomplish. The two walked into a police station wearing combat gear, tactical vests and one had their face covered with a mask. This is the exact type of publicity Second Amendment rights group don't need.