Stray Bullet Kills Man While Fishing

Deputies are still trying to determine where the bullet came from.

The Sun Sentinel reports that stray bullets killed a Plantaion, Florida, man as he was fishing a wildlife area. Investigators believe the killing was an accident but are not saying why. Also deputies would not say how many bullet wounds the man suffered or why they felt the man was not targeted.

What remains a mystery is where the bullets came from. Lawrence Ramdass was on a boat fishing with his Uncle and a family friend when he was hit. According to the Sun Sentinel, the group was fishing the Holey Land Wildlife Management Area.

The other members of the group dove out of the boat once the shots were fired. Upon returning to the boat they found Lawrence, still alive and took him to shore to await medical help. Unfortunately, he passed away before help could arrive.

To make matters worse, target shooting is illegal at this location. Shooting is only allowed during hunting season. It is also illegal to shoot of a paved road and a paved road runs parallel to the wildlife area.

This unfortunate story shows the importance of knowing what is beyond your target. More importantly, you really shouldn't shoot in an area that is illegal. You probably can't shoot there for a good reason.

Deputies are asking anyone who was near the Holey Land Wildlife Management Area between 6 and 7 pm on July 5th to call the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Violent Crimes Division. If you have information you can call them directly at 561-688-3000 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-8477.