Baby Doberman Meets Big Doberman, Refuses to Back Down

She may be the underdog, but this little pup isn't backing down.

Little Kyra is face to face with a dog ten times her size. Her opponent, an adult Doberman named Boss, looks intimidating. Dobermans have an unfair reputation for being aggressive and mean, but the interaction between little pup and big dog shows just how gentle the breed actually is. Kyra is nervous at first, but she soon realizes all Boss wants to do is play with the miniature version of himself.

At only a few weeks old, Kyra weighs no more than ten pounds. She'll eventually grow up to be big and strong, but for now, big Boss has the obvious advantage. He isn't quiet sure what to think of the tiny pup barking and lunging at his ankles. Kyra comes at him showing no fear, and all he really wants to do is make a new friend.

Eventually, the two Dobermans come to an understanding. Boss won't crush Kyra with his massive paws if Kyra doesn't nip at his legs. Despite the extreme size difference, Boss is gentle whenever he's around his tiny new friend.

Breed stereotypes say both Kyra and Boss are dangerous, but they both prove that's not true. Regardless of size or species, all the dogs want to do is play and have fun. As Kyra gets bigger, the Dobermans are in for more evenly matched play sessions.

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This article was originally published February 19, 2018.

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