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Old Town Kayaks' BigWater Paddle and Pedal Models Are the Perfect Small Fishing Craft

Old Town has two major new additions to their BigWater Line.

Winter may have just started, but it is never to early to start thinking about the spring fishing seasons and a new watercraft for all the adventures the summer months may bring. Old Town kayaks are now heavily pushing two newer models in their Sportsman line that are perfect for the most dedicated outdoorsmen and women.

They are the Sportsman BigWater 132 Paddle and Pedal models. Old Town says these kayaks are well suited not just for fishing but hunting too. And they've packed a ton of cool new features into them for outdoor enthusiasts and their gear.

Let's take a closer look at these two models and why you may want to consider one for all your outdoor adventures in 2021. Because let's face it, we could all use a fresh start after the challenges of 2020.

Sportsman BigWater 132 Paddle

Old Town didn't skimp on packing in the storage options on this paddle fishing kayak. This 13-foot kayak has a 425-pound weight capacity, meaning there should be plenty of room not just for you, but all that gear you've spent years accumulating too. This is a sit-on model with that comfy-looking element seat that Old Town says is adjustable and quick-drying. Because it is hard to stay completely dry at times while fishing out of a kayak.

This kayak has three rod holders, one forward-facing and two rear-facing, which should allow you to quickly change setups if you notice something different in the fishing pattern. The front of the boat features molded-in bow handles for easier carrying. No more worrying about external handles breaking off. Just behind that is a dry storage area that is secured with bungees and a click seal system. Old Town is including an accessory bag in this part of the kayak. They say this can be used for batteries for electronics you may bring on board.

Knowing that anglers like their extras, they have included six accessory tracks. Two in the rear and four on the forward part of the hull, so you can modify the setup to add fish finders or other gear to your heart's content. It's worth noting that Old Town sees these kayaks as dual-purpose. They see them being usable for waterfowl hunting too and the accessory tracks could be used for mounting blind components.

The bottom of the kayak contains non-slip EVA foam pads which are meant to dampen the sound of dropped equipment. They also make it easier to stand up and stay standing in this craft, which is arguably the more comfortable way to fish when you're kayak angling.

Right in the center of the kayak is the center console which features a generous amount of storage space within easy access to the angler or hunter. It hinges open and there are additional trays inside to hold all your small odds and ends. Another nice feature is that they included a magnetized portion where you can drop hooks and other odds and ends quickly without losing them and then having to hunt for them in the kayak when you return to shore. One of our favorite features of this center console is the fact they built in a dry pocket for phones, keys and other stuff that you want to have easy access to but keep dry at the same time.

This kayak wastes no space. Behind the seat is an open cargo area with bungee cords for all your extra gear and coolers for easy access out on the water. It's a generous amount of room and should work nicely for those dual hunting and fishing purposes Old Town has targeted this model for. The BigWater 132 paddle comes in three different color schemes and starts at $1,449.99 MSRP.

Sportsman BigWater 132 PDL

There has been a major move towards pedal kayaks for fishing in recent years. It makes perfect sense. Move the boat with your feet, leaving your hands free to make casts for fish. The other upside is that your craft operates more efficiently without adding an electric trolling motor or other propulsion system that could lead to more licensing and registration fees, depending on where you live and fish.

The BigWater 132 PDL is another 13-foot kayak, only with an in-hull "PDL drive" system that allows for easy maneuvering of the craft. Old Town backs it with a five-year warranty. The system is automatic and low maintenance. It allows you to quickly shift from forward pedaling to back pedaling at a moment's notice in response to water conditions. Freeing up your hands to target the fish the whole time. This system can be flipped up or removed during transport to make things easier. Steering the kayak is a breeze thanks to the rudder and a small control knob on the side.

The whole kayak has a 500-pound capacity and features the same dry well in the front and the center console found on the paddle version. No more fumbling around and shifting trying to find all your gear. The most important items are right there within arm's reach. This kayak also features the same EVA foam deck pads and large rear storage area with bungee cargo cords for all your extra gear.

Old Town gave this kayak two accessory tracks in the front and two in the rear for fish finders, extra rod holders and other accessories. The kayak has two rear-facing rod holders and one forward-facing one flush mounted already. For extra peace of mind, there is a paddle clip on the side for a backup paddle.

The BigWater 132 PDL is available in three colors and has an MSRP of $2,599.99. Check out the Old Town website for more information on these kayaks and the other small watercraft offerings from the company.

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