Sportsman's Guide

It's Kayaking Season and These 4 Things Will Improve Your Paddle

Some items make kayaking trips so much easier.

When less stress is involved, a kayaking trip becomes so much sweeter.

When gearing up for the big paddle on the water, be sure to have these four items that will improve your experience tenfold.

1. Attwood Kayak Hoist System

Putting a kayak up on top of your vehicle requires finesse and muscle. If you use a hoist system you can literally raise and lower it into position on top of your vehicle. That saves a lot of work.

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Also, a hoisted kayak takes up minimal room when it's stored during the offseason.

2. Maxx-Haul 2-in-1 Hitch Extender

Do you own a pick up truck? Is it difficult to try to strap in your kayak for the trip to the water? Well this gadget can help you out with that problem and also hauling longer items too.

3. Attwood Collapsible Kayak & Canoe Carrying Cart

When you need a second set of hands but you are a solo kayaker all you need is some wheels. This wheeled cart will take a bulky load off your shoulders as you wheel easily to the water.

4. Attwood Hand-Operated Bilge Pump

When your kayak is filling up with water better be able to pump it out quickly. This bilge pump sure beats using a beverage can to attempt that undertaking.

There are of course more kayak and canoe supplies that would help, but these four will make a significant difference use-by-use, and you'll wonder why you never bothered getting them before.