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Best Kayaking Prank Ever? You Be The Judge

best kayaking prank

How far would you go to prank your significant other?

This prank tests the bravery of these selected kayakers.

How do you think you would do? Watch the video below:

Hilarious alligator prank!

A sharp-toothed gator is no laughing matter...or is it? Watch as these pranksters learn if they have a BAE who will save them, or are stuck with someone who will BAIL. Follow Bae Or Bail now for more videos!

Posted by Bae Or Bail on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How much does your significant other care for you? Would they protect you from a predator attack if they had to?

"Bae or Bail" gives the ultimate test in this prank video they shared on Facebook, as kayaking couples are go head-to-head with an alligator. Will the unsuspecting mate come to the aid of the other or will they flee?

No kayakers were injured or eaten during this video, as the alligator was just a diver with a floating alligator head.

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Best Kayaking Prank Ever? You Be The Judge