Old Buck
YouTube: wiredoutdoorstv

Hunt For Old Buck With Lop-Sided Rack Proves Antler Size Isn't Everything

Sometimes it's about age and not inches of antler.

When it comes to deer hunting, many hunters are obsessed with antlers. We get it, antlers are cool and usually, the bigger the better. Who doesn't want to bag a big buck each time they head out? Not all will admit it, but almost every hunter dream about shooting a monster to show their buddies.

However, sometimes it isn't always about the inches of antler a deer puts on his head. Sometimes it's about age and history with an animal that makes the hunt even more meaningful beyond the venison that is now filling your freezer.

Just watch this video from wiredoutdoorstv to see what we mean by that. Jay Say is out hunting for one specific buck that stands out from the others in his area. This buck has an incredibly lop-sided rack, but it's also an older deer that almost any hunter would be happy to shoot.

This buck has quite the lop-sided rack. If you found both these antlers as sheds, you wouldn't think they belonged together if you didn't have photos of him to prove it. Despite his tiny right antler, this deer was a scrapper. He broke off all the extra tines that appeared in the trail camera photos.

This guy got as excited about this six-year-old buck than someone who just shot a 200-inch beast and we love to see it. We can't blame him, that was an exciting hunt and an extremely unique rack on this deer. This deer will not score anything notable, but the fact that he fooled such an old deer is something to be proud of.

This hunt serves as a good reminder that antler size isn't always everything for deer. You can have the memorable hunt of a lifetime with a doe depending on the circumstances presented to you. This buck was an old forest warrior any hunter would be proud to have providing meals and a memory on the wall.

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