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Hunter Mercifully Downs Blind Old Buck at Only 5 Yards in Intense Video

Old Buck
YouTube: The Deer Society

This old buck turned towards the hunter after being shot.

All hunters know that mother nature can be a cruel mistress. Animals in nature rarely pass peacefully when they die. Every so often we unfortunately get to see this cruelty firsthand as hunters. And when these situations happen, we hunters have a quick decision to make.

In this case, Colton Hall of The Deer Society has spotted an old buck that seems to be acting strangely. The animal is bedded down, so he decides to make a spot and stalk to see what's up. When he gets closer, it's obvious something is wrong with this animal.

Colton puts a shot on the deer with his long bow, but it's not a killing shot. What happens next takes the hunter by surprise as the old buck turns and starts running straight at him!

While this hunt was extremely exciting, it was also a tough one to watch too. It's clear that this buck was suffering from some major problems and was never going to survive the winter in this condition. The buck had a severe infection in both eyes that basically made him blind.

It's likely the buck was not charging the hunter, but likely did not know he was running straight into danger. This coincidence ended up being a blessing in disguise as Colton was able to drive the second arrow home and help put the animal down for good, ending his suffering.

From the appearance of this buck, he appears to be an old forest warrior, well past his prime. If we had to guess, his eye injuries were likely sustained by fighting with another animal. Had Colton not located this deer, the coyotes would have, and this deer's end would have been so much more excruciating.

We must agree with Colton that this is what it is all about. How can you not admire the will to live in these animals after watching something like this? We're glad that Colton was able to mercifully put this animal down and instill in us an even greater respect for these animals.

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Hunter Mercifully Downs Blind Old Buck at Only 5 Yards in Intense Video