Monster Buck
YouTube: The Deer Society

Hunter Downs 200-Inch Monster Buck on His Late Friend's Farm

This 200-inch monster was like a gift sent from above.

Loss is always difficult when someone is taken before their time. Unfortunately, Colton Hall of The Deer Society knows that all too well after his friend Naylor was killed in a motorcycle incident the prior summer. After his death, activity at Naylor's farm slowed to a halt.

What happened next was that Naylor's farm became something of a deer haven. Heavy pressure on surrounding properties pushed the deer into the only un-hunted place around, and that was Naylor's 40-acre farm.

Realizing the place could be a great place to hunt, Colton sets up shop in an abandoned chicken coop when a large buck shows up and walks into his shooting lane. It ends up being an incredible story about healing as Colton makes a perfect shot on the massive whitetail!

This video proves that you do not need to lease or own a gigantic property with thousands of acres to harvest a big buck. Especially if you live in an area that has a steady amount of hunting pressure during the season. Those big bucks are not dumb. They are always going to go where human activity is the lightest.

Using the chicken coop as a blind was a stroke of genius too. Colton didn't need to alter anything in the area which could have alerted the buck to his presence. It ended up making the spot even more comfortable as a deer sanctuary.

This was an amazing hunt and an incredible way to remember a friend. Just being able to sit on his property and reflect would be a great healing experience on its own. But when you throw the buck of a lifetime into the mix? Well, that just helps even more. However, we cannot believe that Colton needed a second look at this buck to determine it was a shooter. C'mon man! Congrats on an awesome deer Colton!

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