Did This Guy Really Just Do That, and is He Insane for Passing This Buck?

Passing big deer can be difficult. Justin Zarr isn't sure if this was the smartest or dumbest thing he has ever done in the deer woods. We might find out this season.

Bow Hunt or Die has became a top notch hunting web show over the years. They're showcasing average Joes like you and me hunting average tracts like you and I hunt. Justin Zarr, cohost of the show, passes a beautiful buck on one of last year's episodes. And you might think he is crazy.


Many thought he was crazy, but there is a method to his madness, and I understand his logic completely.

Watch as he passes this buck at the beginning of this episode, and you decide if he is insane. There are two sides to this, it is either the dumbest thing he has done from a deer stand, or it could be the smartest thing he is ever done from a deer stand. Which side do you fall under?

The buck survived last season and it should be an absolute monster this year, so his plan still has hope.

Every whitetail hunter is different, and you should shoot whatever deer makes you happy. If that is a 90-inch 8 point, then that's awesome! But I understand Justin's perspective, and hopefully you do too. Killing trophy bucks is a blast and an incredible challenge, but once you have a few 140s and 150s on the wall, it becomes easier to pass them to some.

If he ever wants an opportunity to shoot a true giant, that will reach the 180, 190 inch mark, this deer is one of the best chances he will have. And he explains all that in the video.

Would I have been able to pass that buck? Most likely not in this stage of my hunting career. But, if I had a property of that size, where I knew he home ranged and had a great chance to survive and blow up into a mega giant, I would definitely give it some thought.

So...maybe he is not insane, but kudos to him for being able to let such a marvelous buck walk on by. To kill giant bucks, you have to pass great bucks.

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