Recurve Bow
YouTube: The Push Archery

Hunter Downs 200-Inch Ohio Monster Buck Using a Recurve Bow

This 200-inch Ohio giant is even sweeter with a recurve bow!

Bowhunting is all about challenge. The challenge of getting close, the challenge of making a shot with a primitive weapon. Some hunters willing decide to make things harder on themselves by using more primitive forms of archery.

Logan Glassburn of The Push Archery is out taking advantage of Ohio's bow season on a smaller parcel of private land. He hasn't paid much attention to this property lately, but he soon finds out the rumors of a monster buck are true.

A monster 200+ inch Ohio giant with multiple drop tines steps out and offers Logan a close shot with his recurve bow. Understandably, he comes a bit unglued after making the shot.

Honestly, we cannot blame Logan for forgetting about his camera at the last second and not getting that shot on film. We would probably do the same. We have seen here in the past at Wide Open Spaces that worrying about getting the shot on film can cost you if you're not careful.

It would have been awesome to get the shot on video, but this is the buck of a lifetime and one he may never get another chance at. We don't think he'll regret his decision. We wouldn't! Honestly, it's not all that detrimental to the video either. You can still hear the shot and the post-shot excitement is completely palpable.

If a video like this does not get you excited for deer season, you might want to get your pulse checked. This buck has a little bit of everything that deer hunters love. He has mass, tine height, spread and character. We love that unicorn point in the middle of the skull. This video just serves as further proof that Ohio truly is the land of the giants.

Personally, I'd have a hard time holding it together if I saw a buck like this ambling towards my stand. Let alone if I had something like a recurve bow in hand. Congrats Logan on an awesome buck!

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