Off-Grid Tiny Home
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6x6 Military Vehicle Converted Into the Ultimate Off-Grid Tiny Home

This off-grid tiny home build can also go off-road!

Going full-time in an RV is becoming more popular than ever, but the lifestyle does have its limitations. For one, most commercially made RVs and trailers are only meant to be used on the road and they are built primarily for campground use. That can cramp the style of people who want to get off the beaten path and explore places where the tourists aren't going.

Which is why so many people are building their own RVs instead. That's why when Zack and Krystal saw a 1997 M1085 Expedition truck with a habitat on the back for sale, they knew they had found their dream vehicle.

Take a virtual tour of their vehicle in the video below. For a small vehicle, they made the inside of this home incredibly roomy thanks to the large slide outs and efficient use of space!

This truck build is incredible and perhaps one of the best we have ever seen here at Wide Open Spaces and we've seen a lot of them. The Bantha (named after a Star Wars creature), makes a great use of the space with the shower and sink right next to one another. It probably simplified the plumbing a bit too. The use of a toolbox as a kitchen counter was clever too. That part of the home fits in with the overall industrial look of the home.

The only downside we could see is that we can't imagine this rig gets good gas mileage. And it's quite bulky and probably slow. However, the benefits of being able to go off-road, the efficient use of space and being able to spend more time in nature and less time dealing with the rat race outweighs the cons.

Thanks to the solar panels, batteries and 80-gallon water tank, one could take this truck off-grid and off-road for long periods of time before having to head back to civilization. That camping spot on the rim of the Grand Canyon looked spectacular! We want one of our own!

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