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Man Builds Incredible Off-Grid Cave Home in Mountains of Utah


This cave home blends right in with nature!

If you love wildlife and nature, you have probably dreamed about having your own place far off the beaten path. Somewhere far away from the roads and cities where you can become one with nature. Some people have worked hard to make their dreams a reality.

Such is the case with Grant Johnson. He moved to Utah when he was 20 years old and then spent years after that making a remote piece of land his home. The house is off-grid and Johnson raises his own crops and meat animals there.

However, the centerpiece of the property is his incredible, 5,700-square-foot cave home that he carved out of the rock with explosives. This cozy-looking natural home is how one man is living out his dreams!


Well, we're jealous! We see plenty of cool off-grid homes here at Wide Open Spaces, but this one may top them all. Even though this was carved and blasted out, it looks like a completely natural cave system with modern amenities. Those rock walls give this place a character you will not see anywhere else. We do not know about you, but we love it.

You may have taken this guy for a vegan hippie at first, but it turns out he enjoys his bacon like the rest of us. The fact that he has not bought meat in years in impressive. These animals are living a better existence than most livestock on natural grasses. It is easy to see why they would taste better than the factory farm stuff that is also often pumped full of chemicals.

We would go so far as to say Grant is a rich man. Maybe not in material wealth, but in experiences. This guy is living a relatively stress-free lifestyle. The fact that his home is awesome and blends in seamlessly with nature likely enriches the experience even more.

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