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Couple Lives Off-Grid in this Sailboat for a Decade

Most of us dream of being able to go off-grid and escape the stresses of everyday life, but few make those dreams a reality. Personally, we'd love to be able to go fishing every day. It's because of that dream that the prospect of living on a boat sounds rather intriguing.

Well, one couple made it a reality. What started as a simple 18-month sailing trip for Brain Trautman resulted in him meeting his wife Karin. Then, 18 months turned into 10 years!

In the video below, you'll get to go on a tour of their boat and learn about the challenges of this unique lifestyle that they have chosen!


As appealing as the prospect of living wherever the winds take you sounds, it seems this lifestyle probably isn't for everyone. There are a lot of special challenges to living on the water full-time like this. Their new baby is just one of them! Speaking of their daughter, they really do have simple, but effective safety systems in place for her right now.

We're very impressed with the overall setup of their boat. There is no wasted space, and everything has a practical purpose. The fact they can do their own water desalination and store up to six months of food onboard is impressive. The emergency supplies, locator beacon and their incredible solar power and Internet setup do give a little peace of mind that they could reach the outside world if they had to.

Most of the features of this boat would be impressive in an off-grid cabin setup far in the backwoods of Alaska or Montana. The fact they are mobile and exploring the world just makes it more impressive. We're not sure we could live this lifestyle ourselves, but more power to Brian, Karin and Sierra for living a life full of adventure like this!

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