Off-Grid Floating Home
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Man Builds Amazing Off-Grid Floating Home to Get Back in Touch With Nature

This man built his own island to live with nature.

Almost every serious outdoorsman or woman has had the desire to get away from it all and live somewhere remote away from the cities and crowds at some point or another. Who wouldn't want to go some place where they could fish, hunt and bask in nature's beauty all day?

That is exactly what this Canadian man, who goes by "Shadow," decided to do. He ended up building his own elaborate, off-grid island that is anchored in a remote part of British Columbia.

That is where he has lived for the past 17 years and his "island" is now home to gardens, a compost heap and even a chicken coop! He lives there year-round, recycling everything that he uses and picking up trash from the nearby rivers. He gives a tour of his extensive island in the video below and it's quite impressive what he has put together.

Shadow is a little odd, but he has built a really cool place for himself in the middle of nowhere. We love the idea of waking up and seeing all that beautiful scenery every day. All the bird houses just mean it's even easier to get in touch with nature. We also like the fact that he spends time cleaning up the trash that accumulates in the area around him and that he watches out for poachers. If only more people were watching out for our natural areas like this, the world would be a better place.

Obviously, this lifestyle isn't for everyone. Few people would have the dedication to build something this elaborate and then live a hard, off-grid lifestyle like this. He does still have many modern conveniences built into this place. The only thing we would change would be to find a way to get that shower system indoors into the main living structure for when it gets cold in winter.

Awesome place Shadow, we hope the authorities continue to leave you alone on your off-grid island.

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