Off-Grid A-Frame Cabin
YouTube: Levi Kelly

Tiny, Off-Grid A-Frame is the Perfect Outdoor Lover's Getaway

This would make a great hunting cabin.

Here at Wide Open Spaces, we're digging the tiny house movement. Get rid of everything you don't absolutely need and focus more on life experiences hunting and fishing and just enjoying nature and the outdoors? Sign us up for more of that and less material things. Buying or building a tiny home is a good way to go about that.

Or maybe you're just someone looking to put together a little weekend place at your favorite lake, or woods and you need some idea. Well, we're sure you'll get some from today's video.

This tiny A-frame cabin is an Air B-n-B listing in Arizona close to the Grand Canyon. While we're sure this was built with tourists in mind, we dig the setup here. Take a few minutes for a short tour in the video below.

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This is one of the simpler A-frame designs we've seen recently and it's also one of the smallest spaces we've seen. However, we love the design. If you're looking for an extreme minimalist design, this is as pure as it gets. Maintenance of this place is going to be extremely cheap and easy. Maybe add one little shed to help store some outdoor gear if you're going to live in it full-time? Otherwise, this place is set to go. So long as you don't mind the bathroom facilities not being attached to the house.

Honestly, if you're looking to get away from the city, and connect with nature, having facilities like this may be the way to pull it off. Although this type of setup is obviously going to be better suited to a more southernly climate like Arizona than what you may get in the northern U.S.

If you're only planning weekend trips or short week-long jaunts, this is all you really need to have a lot of fun enjoying the outdoors. We want one for our favorite outdoor spots!

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