Tiny A-Frame Cabin
YouTube: MIkeWillTravel

700 Square Foot "Tiny A-Frame Cabin" is Roomier Than It Looks

This A-frame is surprisingly roomy.

We're always looking for cool new cabin and cottage layouts here at Wide Open Spaces. In our hopes that maybe one day we'll have one of our own for our exclusive hunting or fishing getaway. Some of these cabins are becoming more affordable than ever thanks to the movement towards tiny homes.

However, just because a house is lacking in square footage, does not mean it is missing out in functionality. Case in point, this tiny A-frame home located in Pennsylvania.

This tiny A-frame cabin is only around 700 square feet, but it makes excellent use of every inch of space and would be a prime outdoor getaway spot. Take the tour to see what we mean in the video below.

We seriously want a floorplan or blueprint for this one. Put it next to your favorite lake or hunting spot and you've got the ultimate getaway. This is one of the best uses of space we have seen yet. They managed to pack in every amenity one would ever want in an outdoor getaway spot, without it seeming too cramped. Much of that is the clever design. Using a projector instead of a TV, hiding the washer and dryer away in a stacked location in the bedroom, and the maximizing of space in the loft.

Who wouldn't want to spend a weekend or two in this thing? The back deck, hot tub and fire pit just add to the appeal. It looks like an excellent place to escape the stresses of the modern world for a while.

The description says this cabin is also off-grid, although they never did explain exactly how. However, the house is small and designed well for efficient maintenance. The roof appears to be metal meaning it should never need replacing. Even if you did have to be on the grid, the bills would likely be low for such a small space. We don't know about you, but we want one!

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